Making Harmony Counterpoint and Partimento

within Everyone's Reach

Is there a secret code of Music?

Is there a way to create the Music we desire?

How can we enter the minds of the Great Masters of the past?

These are the questions that one day came to me like a calling in my mind.

Difficult questions, questions to which there may not be an answer, answers that we might not have sought in the right way. Who knows?

I have read several books, studied with various masters, experimented with different methods, but there was always something missing.

What I composed and wrote lacked something, like a taste, a fragrance, a soul: the soul of the Ancient Musicus Practicus.

So, I thought that if we want more Musici Prattici in the world today, I should be the one to take the first step.
Certainly, a challenge, a calling, perhaps a venture.

It wasn't easy: to rethink everything, to question oneself, perhaps even to reformulate everything.

Maybe, I thought, I could find other people in the world who, like me, want to experience the thrill of becoming Musici Prattici.

And so, it's just a matter of letting them know that we can!

So, I decided to share my knowledge with the world, what I have learned, the methods that have helped me the most and can help many others.

And today, from my Atelier and with my three Musical Hallows, the Guidonian Glove, the Partimento Magic Box, and the Magic Wand, I help musicians from all over the world become true Musici Prattici!

The Three Musical Hallows

The Guidonian Glove

All Music in the palm of your hand!

Every self-respecting Musicus Practicus used this special tool, thanks to which they could have all of music in the palm of their hand!

The letters of the Great Scale, the syllables of the hexachord, intervals, and melodies!

The Partimento Magic Box

The more ingredients you have, the more music you can create!

Thanks to the Partimento Magic Box, I can always create new Musical Recipes that turn into improvisations, compositions, and ideas for creating music from scratch like a true alchemist: Solve et Coagula!

The Music Wend

With the right ingredients, you can do a lot, but not everything!

To give soul to your music, you need that magical touch that brings all the ingredients together and gives them energy, strength, and vitality, unique for each person!

I'm happy to be able to help you as well.

Here are the places where we can meet!


On YouTube, I share various secrets, ideas, and curiosities about harmony, counterpoint, and partimento every week.

Partimento Blog

Everything you want to know about Harmony, Counterpoint, and Partimento, all in one place!

Discord Community

Get to know other musicians like yourself from all over the world!

Join our Discord community and become one of the Parti-Mates.


Even the greatest heroes wouldn't accomplish such great feats without their trusted helpers.

What I've been able to do for you is largely thanks to those who help me on this mission every month.

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Feel, Look and Think Music as a true Ancient Musicus Practicus

Improvisation Elements

Learn how to combine the elements of the Partimento Magic Box with Improvisation Elements and Musical Recipes!

The True Musicus Practicus is always looking for new Secrets, Tricks and Techniques!

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