Learn Renaissance Counterpoint

The Musicus Practicus knows how to combine different melodies in a way that they come together to create perfect harmony.

The Musicus Practicus is capable of doing this because every day, while experimenting, mixing, and working their magic with music, they must face a significant challenge: sometimes, it's not enough to combine the patterns he has in his Partimento Magic Box; it's crucial to be skilled at combining melodies with a different flavor, identity, and emotion.

Many elements make up the art of musical composition, and they require a lot of study, commitment, and dedication.

Each melody contains a unique, precious, and personal world within itself.

In various melodies, elements from other patterns may be found, but there can also be new, idiomatic, distinctive elements.

Different melodies are like many gardens: some are similar, others are different; some may have a common type of fragrant grass or colorful flower, while others may have different plants and shrubs.

Even if two gardens have all the elements in common, they are unlikely to be identical because nature does not favor monotony; nature appreciates proportions and variety at the same time.

Therefore, the Musicus Practicus must also practice and gain experience in studying how a melody can be integrated into a flowerbed with many other musical flowers.

Like a Skilled Gardener who intimately knows every type of flower and wisely chooses the best one, the Musicus Practicus must also understand the flavors, fragrances, and nature of different melodies.

Like an Apprentice Gardener, even an aspiring Musicus Practicus may desire a guide to lead them by the hand in this garden of counterpoint and show them how the various musical elements can be combined to create an extraordinary wonder, all thanks to the art of Counterpoint!

Well, if you wish, I can help you create your garden of musical counterpoints.

Feel free to let me know what you would like to learn and how I can assist you.

I'll be delighted to read your message and accompany you in the best possible way!

Tabula Compositoria Nova et Antiqua

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