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The Musicus Practicus knows well how music is composed.

He is familiar with the different patterns that make up a composition.

He has a good understanding of the Galant style.

And they know how to combine different patterns to create compositions and improvisations as he prefers!

The Musicus Practicus learns all of this by practicing with Partimenti.

Being able to realize a Partimento means truly understanding the language of music in its most intricate nuances.

Learning the art of Partimento will make you better understand the music you love, play, and enjoy throughout your days.

It will enable you to create your own music using the same method employed by the ancient Musici Practici.

And most importantly, it will help you comprehend the mental and compositional process followed by an Ancient Musicus Practicus in composition.

With a method I have devised, based on the Partimento Magic Box, I have had the pleasure of assisting many people from around the world, with diverse backgrounds and cultures, in learning the art of Partimenti and becoming Musici Practici.

Most of them were not professional Musici Practici but passionate ones.

Musici Practici who carry out their main jobs during the day and dedicate their free time to Music!

If you like, I can also assist you!

Tell me about yourself, your passions, your desires, and how I can help you in the form below.

I will be happy to read your message and offer you a free video call to create a path together!

In any case, I will have had the pleasure of getting know another Musicus Practicus from another part of the world!

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Richardus has been a truly incredible teacher of music. From the Renaissance to the Romantic era, he has a wealth of knowledge and skill in composition and improvisation. He is an excellent teacher who will guide you, challenge you, and ultimately help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

Richardus takes complex topics like partimento and breaks them down into their constituent components, such as cadences, bass motions, suspensions, and explains each basic topic in detail. Then, he has you put them back together, always transposing to various keys and correcting any mistakes in real time. With his teaching style, partimento is fun and approachable while also being musically satisfying, and you will make consistent progress with every lesson.


24 y/o, Software Engineer, Colorado US

I am immensely enjoying the lessons with Richardus, as they put me into the mindset of a 17-18th century musician. They help me tremendously in getting closer to my current goal, being able to improvise baroque counterpoint. Even though I studied music at university, I have never received a formal improvisation education. Learning it, however, makes a big difference in terms understanding every bit of the music you play. Improvisation makes you a 'native speaker' of the musical styles you can improvise in. Just imagine the difference between an average person reciting some written text in Latin vs. Cicero doing the same!


35 y/o, nformation Technology, Neuroscience, Austria EU

Richardus is a true musicus. When it comes to learning galant and baroque improvisation you NEED someone who has truly studied this period’s music and who understands it inside and out. But also, when learning music you need someone who knows how to tailor the curriculum to each individual, and find their strengths. Both criteria are fulfilled by Richardus. Not only is he friendly and welcoming but he is also reliable, punctual, and hardworking. You absolutely will learn essential skills, and expand your knowledge under his guidance.


27 y/o, Music Enthusiast, Los Angeles US

I give Richardus my highest recommendation. His knowledge, materials, pedagogy, and customer service are exceptional. I have learned so much from him already and he has taken my knowledge of baroque improvisation and partimenti to a new level. Truly an outstanding teacher!


Professional Pianist, New York US

The True Musicus Practicus is always looking for new Secrets, Tricks and Techniques!

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