Learn Solmisation

The True Musicus Practicus feels, reads, and thinks music with special eyes.

The eyes of the Musicus Practicus possess a unique power: they can see elements, details, and nuances that ordinary eyes cannot perceive.

The Musicus Practicus, in fact, doesn't merely look at the notes as symbols that represent sounds but sees that hidden among those lines, there is a deeper meaning, a thought, and a profound magic.

The ancient musician read through a system called Solmisation, based on seven proportions (also called chorde or letters) that form the Great Scale and a system of six syllables that make up a smaller scale of six sounds, also known as the Hexachord.

The Musicus Practicus, in fact, learns to move with ease between different hexachords, reading music in a more profound way than just "simple notes."

The Musicus Practicus knows how important it is to learn Solmisation.

In fact, learning Solmisation allows you to read any melody with the same method, approach, and mindset as a Renaissance musician, and more.

Solmisation was, in fact, the basis of musical education until the late 19th century.

And only by knowing Solmisation can you grasp many very important musical elements that would otherwise remain hidden from our eyes!

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